Your Bottom Line

If you own and operate an industrial or commercial facility, then you know that there are only two ways to improve your bottom line: Increase revenue, and/or decrease costs. Our core business is in showing our clients how to effectively decrease their energy and operational costs, while increasing system performance, reliability and life span.
Once a building owner commits to energy efficiency, they face an array of considerations, including initial cost, specialized technical and engineering requirements, possible disruption to on going operations, and of course selection of the right service providers. Whether your objectives are to reduce energy & operating costs, improve existing facilities, solve system wide problems, or obtain LEED Certification, INBALANCE will lead the way. We will work with you to explore and initiate comprehensive, system wide solutions that include the planning, budgeting, engineering, implementation and even financing of your project.

Our Approach

The approach we take to achieve optimal system efficiency and energy reduction in an existing facility is to utilize a process that is holistic and forensic in nature, with an evaluation of all building systems and their inter relationships. Once armed with comprehensive knowledge of the facility, coupled with our clients’ primary objectives, our engineers will develop a tailored and exact solution that will yield guaranteed and insured savings to meet our respective clients’ needs.
The principals of our firm understand that the building solutions we initiate must perform as projected, and offer real and measurable value, with a timely return on investment. As such, INBALANCE guarantees our projected financial savings and payback period for each engineered project, with an insured ROI that is underwritten by an ‘A’-rated carrier — Lloyds of London. The value we bring to our clients is presented in clear and measurable terms, while our fee is earned through the cost savings and value that we deliver.


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