Value Proposition

Our Value Proposition & Guarantee

If you seek to maximize short and long term energy savings and related operational costs, and improve the quality of your facility with minimal initial capital investment, INBALANCE will identify value added capital improvements that will:

  • Incur little or no initial capital costs, with a fast return on investment
  • Achieve significant long-term cost savings
  • Achieve an underwritten and insured guarantee for cost savings
  • Maintain consistent and reasonable levels of occupant comfort
  • Maintain consistent levels of building functionality
  • Be made available through a lease of financing arrangement

Our Insured Guarantee

Our fiscally responsible approach to energy conservation significantly increases ROI by reducing energy consumption and improving the performance of existing equipment. The average, guaranteed, payback period for our energy conservation solutions is less than 3 years. The simple ROI, after tax consideration etc. consistently ranges between 30-50%.  We guarantee our projected financial savings and payback period for each engineered project with an insured ROI that is underwritten and endorsed by an ‘A’-rated carrier – Lloyds of London, while the products that we utilize are backed by a 10 year warranty.




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