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Leading Global Investors Call the False Dichotomy Between Economy and Environment “Nonsense”

A top GE executive is calling the political battle between economy and environment “nonsense.” In a video interview at an international clean energy investment conference last week, Mark Vachon, vice president of GE’s successful Ecomagination program, hailed “environmental performance” as … MORE

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Manufacturing Is Surprising Bright Spot in U.S. Economy

For the first time in many years, manufacturing stands out as an area of strength in the American economy. From the NYTimes: When the Labor Department reports December employment numbers on Friday, it is expected that manufacturing companies will have … MORE

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How Benchmarking Refreshes and Reinforces Effective Energy Management

The basic elements of effective corporate energy management are are relitively simple: senior management support, good data, clear targets and a reasonable allocation of technical, managerial and economic resources, along with consistent implementation over decades. Yet why do companies vary so … MORE

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5 Ways Manufacturers Can Cut Energy Use in 2012

Manufacturers can target five areas that could have the greatest overall effect on their facilities’ energy efficiency. From the article in the Environmental Leader, “manufacturers waste hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on unnecessary energy spending.” Consider these the … MORE

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January GreenIREM webinar – Sustainable Buildings: The Year Ahead

IREM’s final webinar in the GreenIREM series on sustainability takes a look at the emerging trends in commercial real estate and the energy saving trends of the coming year. 2011 in review Emerging industry trends Financial incentives outlook Policy outlook … MORE

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Four Sustainability Trends to Watch in 2012

The worldwide movement toward sustainability has made significant progress over the past half-dozen years as companies and cities have pursued strategies that balance future and current societal needs. Now, sustainable development is entering a new phase, characterized by greater alignment … MORE

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Energy Efficiency in 2011: Progress on Many Fronts, Treading Water on Others

With 2011 drawing to a close, now is a good time to take stock of energy efficiency accomplishments over the past year. On the plus side, many energy efficiency investments were made this year. While exact figures are not available … MORE

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Sustainable Finance: Five Stories To Watch In 2012

While the financial world took a lot of hits in 2011, it was also a year of many positive developments and commitments from both the public and private sectors to enact social change for the betterment of human livelihoods and the … MORE

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Understanding & Profiting from Electricity Tariffs – Online Seminar

  Speaking from over 35 years of experience as an energy manager, consultant, and representative in regulatory proceedings, instructor Lindsay Audin will review specific strategies you can use to effectively minimize regulated energy pricing. You’ll gain an understanding of how … MORE

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Demand Response Funds Energy Savings & Corporate Earnings

Johnson Controls: Energy represents a significant corporate expenditure. In today’s tight economy, facilities managers are exploring ways to save money by reducing energy consumption. Smart building technologies that efficiently control lighting, HVAC, and even plug loads save millions of dollars … MORE

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