5 Ways Manufacturers Can Cut Energy Use in 2012

Manufacturers can target five areas that could have the greatest overall effect on their facilities’ energy efficiency. From the article in the Environmental Leader, “manufacturers waste hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on unnecessary energy spending.” Consider these the “New Year’s resolutions” for eliminating energy waste.

1) Use free cooling: In the winter, companies can use a heat exchanger to take advantage of cool outside temperatures, to chill water, valves and control modifications.

2) Waste heat recovery: Excess heat from cooling towers, exhaust and boiler flue gas can be used for space or process heat. Such heat can often be recovered using a simple air duct and summer/winter damper.

Heat recovery provides an enticing opportunity for industries using gas compression processes, according to a recent story in Sustainable Plant. About 50,000 Btu/hr of thermal energy is available to be recovered for every 100 cfm of air provided during compression.

3) Reduce peak energy use: Companies should record their electric loads and average the power use to determine peak loads and re-time operations accordingly.

4) Optimize air compressors’ efficiency by base-loading all but one compressor. This “swing machine” maintains system pressure.

5) Turn off equipment when not in use: Monitor equipment for a week to see when it’s not being used. Also, consider electrical system modeling.

BONUS: find out how power factor correction can save energy and reduce operating costs at your facility.

At INBALANCE, we found that careful application of properly sized (by VAR) capacitive devices in very close proximity to inductive loads clearly meets the ‘two benefit’ standard of generating direct and indirect savings. This approach requires us to create an exactly matched capacitor network for every single treated load in a facility. Learn more about power factor correction.

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