Understanding & Profiting from Electricity Tariffs – Online Seminar

Speaking from over 35 years of experience as an energy manager, consultant, and representative in regulatory proceedings, instructor Lindsay Audin will review specific strategies you can use to effectively minimize regulated energy pricing. You’ll gain an understanding of how utilities develop their pricing, and how it is impacted by wholesale energy markets, regardless of whether a utility has been deregulated or not. To help translate tariff language, a process for converting it into plain English and equations is offered to course participants.

The instructor will dissect typical electric bills for medium-to-large facilities, and show how each part is charged to the end user. Real-life examples reveal ways to minimize overall cost through financial/operational means as well as equipment upgrades, and how to avoid potential pitfalls. Dynamic pricing options enabled by ‘smart’ metering are also addressed, along with ways to benefit from them. Sophisticated tariff options (e.g., feed-in tariffs, cogeneration, two-part realtime pricing) are also covered.

Instructed by Lindsay Audin, C.E.M., C.E.P., LEED-AP

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