Leading Global Investors Call the False Dichotomy Between Economy and Environment “Nonsense”

A top GE executive is calling the political battle between economy and environment “nonsense.” In a video interview at an international clean energy investment conference last week, Mark Vachon, vice president of GE’s successful Ecomagination program, hailed “environmental performance” as … MORE

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Four Sustainability Trends to Watch in 2012

The worldwide movement toward sustainability has made significant progress over the past half-dozen years as companies and cities have pursued strategies that balance future and current societal needs. Now, sustainable development is entering a new phase, characterized by greater alignment … MORE

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Sustainable Finance: Five Stories To Watch In 2012

While the financial world took a lot of hits in 2011, it was also a year of many positive developments and commitments from both the public and private sectors to enact social change for the betterment of human livelihoods and the … MORE

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How Energy Efficient is Your State?

Although the national economy is still slumping, energy efficiency spending continues to increase. Nationwide, states spent $5.5 billion in electricity and natural gas efficiency programs in 2010 compared to $3.4 billion the year before, according to the 2011 State Energy Efficiency … MORE

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Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Money Still Flows

DETROIT — At a time when many government programs are fighting for survival, there’s one place the money is still flowing for now: the Great Lakes. In the past two years, Congress has pumped $775 million into the Great Lakes … MORE

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Billionaires Get Behind Cleantech Funding

Pike Research: In Washington, D.C., a group calling itself the American Energy Innovation Council unveiled a manifesto calling for “energy innovation and proposed reforms of government programs to yield greater economic benefits.”  Among other things, the report calls for sharp increases … MORE

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