Leading Global Investors Call the False Dichotomy Between Economy and Environment “Nonsense”

A top GE executive is calling the political battle between economy and environment “nonsense.” In a video interview at an international clean energy investment conference last week, Mark Vachon, vice president of GE’s successful Ecomagination program, hailed “environmental performance” as … MORE

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GreenIREM Webinar: Financing & Incentives

Thursday, December 8 from 3-4pm EST.  GreenIREM Webinar: Financing & Incentives Learn about the current energy efficiency and renewable energy rebates, incentives and financing options with the next online educational series.  Sponsored by IREM, the GreenIREM series will focus on: … MORE

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Study: Coldest Regions Have Best Solar Potential

Some of the coldest places on Earth, including Antarctica and the high altitudes of the southern Andes and the Himalayas, could also have the best potential for solar power using photovoltaic technology, a new study finds. From Yale environment360: Some … MORE

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Top Ten Reasons Why Renewable Energy Wins

Top 10 Reasons Why Solar Energy Will Win 10. A job is a job is a job. With all this talk about green jobs, clean jobs, and other kinds of jobs — how about we just call it a job? … MORE

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Tax Plan to Turn Old Buildings ‘Green’ Finds Favor

A business consortium that includes Lockheed Martin and Barclaysbank plans to invest as much as $650 million over the next few years to slash the energy consumption of buildings in the Miami and Sacramento areas. It is the most ambitious effort yet … MORE

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Billionaires Get Behind Cleantech Funding

Pike Research: In Washington, D.C., a group calling itself the American Energy Innovation Council unveiled a manifesto calling for “energy innovation and proposed reforms of government programs to yield greater economic benefits.”  Among other things, the report calls for sharp increases … MORE

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U.S. solar projects boom as PV prices keep falling

With solar module prices falling closer to the $1-a-watt threshold, many manufacturers are struggling to keep their heads above water. But project developers are doing quite swimmingly. The continued decreases in panel prices are causing a boom in commercial-scale development throughout … MORE

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Solar Power Could be Competitive by 2013

Environmental Leader: Solar photovoltaics could become competitive with grid electricity in some European markets as early as 2013, and in all market segments across the continent by 2020, according to a new study by the European Photovoltaic Industry Association. According … MORE

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Goodwill’s Maryland Headquarters Goes 100% Green

From the US Department of Energy: Goodwill Industries International entered a two-year agreement to purchase wind energy equivalent to 100% of the estimated annual energy use at its headquarters in Rockville, Md. The renewable energy certificates (RECs) will be sourced … MORE

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