September 16, 2011

CCJM Engineers / INBALANCE Team Wins ComEd Retro-commissioning Selection

We are pleased to announce that the CCJM / INBALANCE team has been selected by ComEd as Retro-commissioning Service Provider (RSP) for their Smart Ideas Retro-Commissioning Program.

ComEd’s Retro-commissioning service is designed to achieve electric demand and energy savings in commercial and industrial facilities in ComEd’s Illinois service territory, and is specifically for commercial buildings. Savings are realized through the systematic evaluation of facility systems and subsequent customer implementation of cost-effective measures targeted to improve facility operation. Retro-commissioning services will be conducted exclusively by CCJM/INBALANCE, and by a short list of other pre-approved Retro-commissioning Service Providers in their respective geographies.

With an initial field of 32 firms competing, ComEd’s intention in the short list selection of their Retro-commissioning Service providers was to provide the market with only the highest qualified and experienced providers who have been subject to a very strict quality control process. ComEd will cover retro-commissioning service costs at 100% for CCJM/INBALANCE to investigate and identify electric savings opportunities for low-cost measures with an estimated project simple payback of less than or equal to one and a half (1 ½) years. Incentives for capital improvements such as lighting and HVAC are provided through the Prescriptive and Custom elements of the Smart Ideas for your Business program.



INBALANCE is a management consulting and professional service organization headquartered in downtown Chicago. INBALANCE provides a broad range of facility related services, with core knowledge and performance delivery capability in Facility Energy Cost Reduction, Building System Optimization, Engineered Power Solutions, Project Management, LEED Consulting and Alternative Energy Solutions.

About CCJM

CCJM designs system upgrades, performs facility assessments, and engineers major and minor renovations and new construction from concept to close-out. Our commitment to sustainable principles and green world practices has helped make us a leader in the sustainable design movement.


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