Property Solutions

Each property type offers a unique set of opportunities for energy and sustainability initiatives—click on the buildings below to learn more. Need help getting started?

Energy Advisory
We tailor our approach to your properties and objectives. Learn how we adapt our services to fit your business.
The Road to Sustainability is Under Construction
While each situation is unique, many projects follow a similar path.
Analyze Your Properties
  • Have an initial assessment
  • Benchmark your property
  • Get an energy audit
Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Make operational improvements
  • Perform efficiency retrofits
Generate Renewable Energy
  • Install solar, wind, or geothermal
  • Applicable to specific properties in select geographic markets
Get Financing and Incentives
  • Secure funding for capital projects
  • Capture financial incentives
Demonstrate Success
  • Get LEED and ENERGY STAR certified
  • Monitor and verify energy savings