Is your building eating your profits?

Learn how to reduce operating expenses through energy conservation measures that increase NOI and building value.

Efficiency Retrofits

You can save energy by altering behavior, timing, and technology. Most buildings offer opportunities for low- or no-cost improvements to reduce costs. Beyond quick wins, there are currently an unprecedented number of government and utility incentives to pursue building retrofits.

Energy Efficiency Opportunities

Every business and property is unique. We tailor efficiency solutions to fit your needs.

  • Fixed and variable speed motors
  • Demand side energy management
  • Lighting controls
  • Compressors, HVAC equipment and refrigeration equipment
  • Building automation systems / energy management systems

Lighting Correction

Many buildings today still utilize lighting that is extremely inefficient, including Incandescent and T12 Fluorescent lamps, which will soon be removed from the marketplace through Federal Government mandate. Utility rebate programs are currently available for building owners to replace inefficient lighting. INBALANCE offers comprehensive lighting consulting and lighting replacement services.

Today, the trend of achieving greater lighting efficiencies have come in the form of LED, fluorescent and HID lighting. Though this lighting is more efficient than incandescent lighting, it is also true that neither fluorescent nor HID’s are maximally efficient when connected to standard, sinusoidal waveform AC power. We offer an entire line of special purpose waveform modification based lighting controllers that significantly reduce total energy consumed by these lighting fixtures, yet can achieve significant operating cost savings without reducing visible spectrum light output.

To discuss energy efficiency for your buildings, contact an INBALANCE representative.

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