How much energy will this initiative really save?

Electrical system modeling can help operators of larger properties pursue energy efficiency with greater accuracy, lower cost, and reduced risk.

Electrical System Modeling

Over 75% of all manufacturing facilities in the United States are over 20 years old, yet they continue to increase capacity, and install new and more complex equipment, which often times puts significant strain on their aging electrical distribution systems. Over time, many manufacturing facilities engage in numerous expansions and equipment updates over the years, to meet changing business requirements and advancing technology. As manufacturers continue to keep pace, their facilities often develop electrical distribution problems that result in electrical equipment failures, problems with harmonic distortion & power factor, slowdown of their process related equipment, and substantial increased energy consumption. As such, increased demand of the electrical distribution system becomes of critical importance to the facility owner and operator.



  1. Most plants do not have accurate single line documents of their facility, and if they do, they’re in the form of paper prints, which become obsolete the moment the plant makes a change.  This factor makes it difficult for plant managers to be armed with accurate information, and be proactive in lieu of reactive in solving problems
  2. When a plant manager or maintenance manager retire or leave a plant, they often times take much of the knowledge with them, leaving the new managers in the dark on all of the specific electrical nuances of the facility.
  3. Often times when modifications and upgrades in equipment are planned, the facility manager is unaware that the changes may adversely affect their electrical distribution system.



The traditional solution offered by equipment manufacturers, engineering firms and electricians is to recommend over designed and expensive catch-all solutions and equipment, which often times do not address the specific root cause of the existing facility problems.



Recognizing that the traditional methodology for addressing such issues in manufacturing facilities is both costly and unnecessary, INBALANCE offers a unique and cost effective alternative called Building Electrical System Modeling.



  • Armed with an exact computer model of a facility electrical system, INBALANCE can not only optimally solve any electrical distribution problems with the model, but also model any change that the plant intends to make in advance of them implementing it, to see the effects on the overall system.
  • For the purpose of long term strategic planning related to the electrical distribution systems at the facility, the computer model can then become an effective and powerful strategic tool for the manufacturing plant leadership team to use for making long term planning decisions.
  • The Model allows plant managers to effectively conduct a on site evaluation, including field observations, and trouble shooting.


Our Electrical Modeling Process Includes The Following Services:

  1. Collection of Data: Gathering of available one-line diagrams and other pertinent electrical documentation and information on the facility electrical system.
  2. Comprehensive Engineering Analysis of Electrical System, including short circuit, grounding and arcflash analysis
  3. Preparation of One-Line Diagrams and Reports
  4. Creation of Arc Flash & Short Circuit Analysis
  5. Training of Electrical and Safety Personnel on Arc Flash PEP Requirements

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