Generate direct and indirect savings.

Reduce down time and maintenance while generating savings from improved power quality with power factor correction measures.

Power Factor Correction

If you own and operate a facility, then you know that there are only two ways to increase your bottom line: increase revenue or decrease costs. Our core business is working with clients to decrease energy and operational costs without compromising service.

We found that careful application of properly sized (by VAR) capacitive devices in very close proximity to inductive loads clearly meets the ‘two benefit’ standard of generating direct and indirect savings. This approach requires us to create an exactly matched capacitor network for every single treated load in a facility.

Power factor correction can save equipment costs and energy to help your facility:

  • Realize immediate power and cost savings
  • Increase electrical distribution system and equipment efficiency
  • Improve cooling capacity
  • Maintain quality voltage levels with less voltage drops
  • Run cooler, more efficient equipment with longer lifespan
  • Capture passive technology without load cycling
  • Install upgrades without disruption to facility operations

Our customized approach more than pays for the effort in quick payback through:

  • Consumption savings
  • Reduced down time and maintenance
  • Improved power quality

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