Capture energy savings with minimal capital investment.

INBALANCE is proud to serve as a ComEd Trade Ally and Retro-Commissioning Service Provider. The Reto-Commissioning service incentive program is available to Illinois electric and gas customers aimed at recuding energy costs without adversely impacting operations.


If you own or operate a facility that is over 10 years old, it is very likely that you’re losing a lot of money each year because building systems are not operating efficiently, or as designed. This is a costly problem that can lead to poorly performing building system equipment and the loss of critically important employees and tenants because the facility is perceived to be uncomfortable during the changing seasons. The INBALANCE team provides a valuable service called Retro Commissioning, also known as (RCx), where the primary objective is to optimize the performance of existing building systems within their current configurations, in other words, a “tune-up for your building”

 Our Process – One Step At A Time

The INBALANCE team uses proprietary modeling software and best in class practices to conduct a 5 step program that will ensure the efficient operation of your energy-related assets.

Retro-commissioning Process

Measurable Cost Savings

As today’s energy costs and utility bills continue to skyrocket, identifying problem areas within your buildings will save you significant amounts of energy and money. Our field data shows that the typical energy cost savings and operating cost savings from retro commissioning ranges from 5% to 15% with a payback period of less than 2 years. Retro-commissioning can produce significant cost savings in existing buildings. Savings vary depending on the building type, its location, and the scope of the retro-commissioning process. A comprehensive study found average cost savings in the following ranges:

  • Value of Energy Savings per year: $0.11 – $0.72/sqft
  • Value of Non-Energy Savings per year: $0.10 – $0.45/sqft

Benefits of Retro Commissioning

The many documented benefits resulting from retro-commissioning include:

  • Improved system operation: beyond preventive maintenance
  • Improved equipment performance
  • Increased O&M Staff Capabilities and Expertise
  • Increased asset value
  • Energy savings
  • Improved Occupant Comfort
  • Improved indoor environmental quality (IEQ)
  • Improved building documentation

INBALANCE is proud to serve as a ComEd Trade Ally as well as the Retro-Commissioning ServiceProvider.


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